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About Zef Van Oorschot

Our only remaining link with Grandmaster Zef Van Oorschot of the Order of the Morning Star are his writings, but they paint a grand picture of a wise man with insight about the workings of the universe far past his time.

A Dutch scientist, astronomer and writer who excelled in all three vocations in a time where many men failed to distinguish themselves in even one, we've collected some of his many quotations below so you can get a sense of the man from whose vast intellect the Order was born.

About Himself

"I am first and foremost a human, and then perhaps an astronomer, then a writer.
Writing was never my passion, but I have seen the good that comes from paper and pen."

"I have seen things, yes, that a younger, more foolhardy me would have likely ran
from. But, o, what losses I should have suffered had I averted my eyes and hid!"

"I have learned it is best to gently introduce people to truth, and not to, say, ram
it down their gullets. It is folly to think it is ever wrong to be nice."

About His Work

"I am very aware, yes, that many people have deemed me crazy, or foolish, or a nut,
as they say. I remind those people that many 'crazy' ideas have merely been vast jumps
in the level of discourse that are not yet widely understood, like a new piece of art."

"No one ever regretted diving in headfirst because the water was too deep."

"I am asked a lot about my propensity for heavenly bodies, and I must admit that, yes,
there is one star that catches my eye above all others. Her name is Venus."