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Membership to the Order of the Morning Star is currently only open to those who have been referred to us by an existing Order officer.
The current Order governing council is as follows.


The Illustrious Zef Van Oorschot (in spirit and the Ashen Light)


Adam Novak


Ryan Bailey


Charles Klein-Underwood


Timothy Snyder


Amelia Cross
Kevin O'Connell
Lucas Deering
Jacob De Klerk
Adrian Hobson

Council Adjuncts

Rich Edwards
Colin Northway

Constellation Members

Thomas Shahan
Clemens Scott
Sean Keeton
Jack Shirai

Due to previous issues with harassment, all contact information for Order members has been removed from this page.
If you encounter a problem with our Internet site, please contact our website admin, Guy Honeycutt (truthaboutvenus@hotmail.com).