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About the Order

In 1818, the Order of the Morning Star was founded by Grandmaster Zef Van Oorschot to spread his teachings on true happiness and the nature of the universe. Though the Grandmaster has been lost to us for a long time, his Order survives and continues to pass his beliefs and dreams on to new generations.

The Order is founded on four core teachings, each intended to see you remove despair and get on the path to true happiness.
  • Walking the path to true happiness requires you to keep your eyes on the stars.
The honorable Zef Van Oorschot understood that in order to find true happiness now and in the future, we must always look forward and upward. The universe is filled with many wonderful things: things that have grown and flourished in hostile and unforgiving environments, and things that may at this moment seem beyond our comprehension.

Rather than despair at the unknown, we must take heart in the mysteries of the stars and let them guide us toward true happiness. If there are those that are out there looking down at us, we must have the courage to look back and smile!
  • Take care of your body... and your mind!
Many years ago, a grevious injury befell our founder, leaving him immobile and sending him into a deep depression. It was only by looking to the stars and staying positive that he was able to recover and teach others what he had learned about true happiness.

After his recovery, our beloved found resolved to do what he could to stay in perfect health, and you should, too! He ate well, took supplements several times a day, and made sure to get plenty of exercise for his body AND mind!

Just finding the path to true happiness isn't enough: you have to be strong enough to walk it!
  • Respect those who are walking the path and those who are not.
Many times, the illustrious Zef Van Oorschot met with resistance to his studies: people who were cruel, and people who were ignorant of how important his work was. We, his disciples, have met with the same obstacles over the years. You, too, may have encountered similar difficulties in your life.

Grandmaster Van Oorschot never let any of these obstacles keep him from true happiness, and he always greeted difficulties with a smile. If we are all walking the path together, does it not follow that we should help one another along whenever we can? Just because someone has lost their way doesn't mean that they are beyond help, or that they are worthy of our scorn. Treat those who don't understand with compassion, for everyone was at one time not walking the path... including the Grandmaster himself!
  • Stay curious, and always ask questions.
Despite his position as the most intelligent man of his time, our founder was a modest man. He chose to spend his life in search of answers to a variety of questions, and was always excited by the possibility of new discoveries. Even though he knew more about the universe and its denizens than anyone that came before him, and perhaps more than anyone ever will, he never stopped looking and always claimed there was more to learn.

We could all do well by following his example! Be inquisitive and curious about your surroundings, and never settle for cluelessness when you could instead grasp understanding.